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Kayak, Paddle Board and Hiking Guide, Paddle Board Yoga and Kids Yoga Instructor, Kids Camp Instructor, Retreat Guide

Kye started her career as a personal trainer and snowboard instructor, and from there took her love of movement, animals and the outdoors into guiding and yoga, and the starts of her marine biology degree. Kye doesn't follow the norm when it comes to excursions. If you are with her for a couple of hours or the day, you will be presented with many surprises and find yourself happily challenging your limits. Kye's native heritage adds to her knowledge and makes for some interesting stories. With her light personality and curious nature, she accomplishes this every time. You may even find yourself surrounded by Orcas while out with's happened before!  Kye's vision for the future of Dog Mermaid is to share wilderness play and education to all guests, by any means that our imaginations can think of, and making it affordable for all to enjoy!


Kayak Guide, Camping Guide, Kids Camp Instructor, Assistant Manager, Retreat Guide

Karla’s smile and humour will make you feel gosh darn happy, and may it be you are going on your first paddle or an over-night excursion she will keep you safe and entertained. She completed the Canadian Outdoor Leadership Training program, and since then has fallen in love with paddling and Eco education. Karla moved to Vancouver Island to pursue a career embodied in nature. In her spare time, you might find her relaxing on a beach, bird watching, or quietly painting the inspirations of the day.


Kayak and Camping Guide, Yoga Instructor, Retreat Guide

Alisoun fell in love with paddling while living on Salt Spring Island in 1996. Her “teach to learn” philosophy and interest in leadership and experiential education lead her to pursue a Diploma in Outdoor Recreation Management, and in 2007 she launched her guiding career. Alisoun has also been studying movement and healing arts since 1988. She is an avid yogi and RYT 500 instructor, and integrates her interest in anatomy, as well as Chi Gong and energy work into her yoga offerings. She is passionate about offering yoga in outdoor settings, yoga-kayak retreats, and yoga specific for paddlers. Alisoun hopes to see you on the water soon, exploring, strengthening and uncovering your own inner nature in the beautiful natural surroundings of Canada’s west coast.


Kayak Guide and Kids Camp Hula Hoop Instructor

Janet feels lucky to have grown up on an Organic farm on Pender Island, surrounded by natural beauty and the diverse and unique ecology of the area. She worked as a certified sea kayak guide for almost a decade and has an education background in filmmaking, horticultural therapy, and is currently completing a counselling degree in Child and Youth Care. Janet fell in love with her first hula-hoop back in 2005 and she has been spinning and making hoops ever since and continues to expand her circus arts skills. One of her favourite things is seeing smiles on the faces of those learning who said they ‘couldn’t do it’ and besides having a lot of fun, helping people gain confidence, positive body-image, self-esteem and self-empowerment through hula-hooping and kayaking.


Kayak Guide, Kids Camp Instructor

Becca found us a few years ago and went from administrator, to guide, to kid’s camp instructor extraordinaire! Since then she left us to pursue her passion in kids camp and has recently come back after much begging...on my part. Becca is filled with giggles and genuine care. Join her on a SUP yoga class and you will hear those giggles across the water...

Tim (Stickmann)

Hiking and Canoe Guide

Over the last 20 years, our Stickman has honed his skills in the forest through such ventures as working in forestry, living in the wild, and hiking any remote area he comes across. Tim makes for a fantastic guide, as he is experienced in all areas of fauna and flora of the coast. A naturalist to the core, he will leave you with a feeling of peace and happiness.


Kayak, Canoe, Swimming and Hiking Guide

You just need to meet Sandor. I have no words to describe this multi talented man. Swimming, climbing, paddling, laughing, singing...he's just plain fun.


Kids Camp Director

How better to design a great day at camp than to have an avid paddler and goop poker design it for the kids. Echo monitors all our decisions and let us know if we have it going on or if we simply are a bore. She also helps teach all she has mastered at such a young age. If it wasn't for her and her friends we may still be sitting on the shore scratching our heads...


Shop guru, Resident Photographer, Assistant Guide

Vee has found his love for photography and the ocean, so we have given him the playground of his dreams. Don't be surprised if you find him joining you on the water and catching some great shots of your adventure.


Shop Mama, Marketer, Smile Maker, Assistant Guide

Erin brings peace and happiness to our shop and all those who visit. Erin's background in customer service shines through and her marketing skills are a force to be reckoned with! Her love for island life will quickly be shared with you and she will leave you feeling light and peaceful~~~


Retreat Guide

Gillian is our Geo Goddess. This woman can "rock" out not only the music promotions world, but try getting to a cache before her! Gill's background in hospitality, promotions and hiking makes her our eastern Canada retreat mistress divine!


Retreat Guide

We found Rose in the sands of Mexico and knew right then she had to be part of the family. Her cooking is mouth watering and her nature is true. If you spend a week on retreat with her she will keep you feeling warm and loved.


Retreat Guide

Ela has traveled the world and is ready to take you with her on any adventure you can think of. Her experience as a travel agent and customer service in the hospitality industry is not matched by many. Your comfort is her main concern and she will do all she can to make sure your destination and experience is the best it possibly can be. 
Sailed off into the sunset...


France is our tech guru! She not only saves us from ourselves, she manages all our virtual doings. With a background in administrative services and a passion for traveling, France is very good at organizing business and life and spends her free time at the cottage planning her campground empire.

We want to give a big thank you to our past gurus and all they shared with us. They have expanded their curiosities and careers into this big, crazy world! I miss you all terribly!!!


Kate: Followed her heart to New Zealand and is kicking it large there! Happy snow guiding beautiful!
Gordon: His personality landed him a gig as an adventure guide throughout BC. Sweet adventuring my friend!






Levi: Sharing his knowledge and great nature with the Gulf Island’s tourism division of the Chamber of Commerce. Thank you for taking care of our visitors and island marketing , sweet soul!

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