Guides and Gurus


Founder, "Boss Goddess"

Kayak, Paddle Board and Hiking Guide, Paddle Board Yoga and Kids Yoga Instructor, Kids Camp Instructor, Retreat Guide, Dog Sled Guide (musher)

Kye is not only our indigenous water and land guru, she is also the founder of the Dog Mermaid chaos.  She loves to laugh, play and find weird things in the wild.  After spending a day with her, you will be hooked on marine love, winter play, and may even find yourself surrounded by a pod of our majestic blackfish, or you will be well versed in the art, history and humane sport of dog sledding!


The "Exec"

Kayak Guide, Camping Guide, Kids Camp Instructor, Climbing and Mountaineering Guide

After great debate we have come to the conclusion, there are no words for Johnny.



The "Merm"

Kids Camp Director

How better to design a great day at camp than to have an avid paddler, dog sledder and goop poker design it for the kids. Echo monitors all our decisions and lets us know if we have it going on or if we simply are a bore. She also helps teach all she has mastered at such a young age. If it wasn't for her and her friends we may still be sitting on the shore scratching our heads...


Kayak Guide and Kids Camp Hula Hoop Instructor

Janet is our circus mermaid.  She juggles many different talents, but her best one is how she makes you smile inside.  The world loves Planet Janet!


Kayak Guide, Kids Camp Instructor

Becca found us in the beginning and went from administrator, to guide, to kid’s camp instructor extraordinaire! Becca is filled with giggles and genuine care. Join her on a SUP yoga class and you will hear those giggles across the water...


Shop guru, Resident Photographer, Assistant Guide

Vee has found his love for photography and the ocean, so we have given him the playground of his dreams. Don't be surprised if you find him joining you on the water and catching some great shots of your adventure.


Retreat Guide

Gillian is our Geo Goddess. This woman can "rock" out not only the music promotions world, but try getting to a cache before her! Gill's background in hospitality, promotions and hiking makes her our eastern Canada retreat mistress divine!


Retreat Guide

We found Rose in the sands of Mexico and knew right then she had to be part of the family. Her cooking is mouth watering and her nature is true. If you spend a week on retreat with her she will keep you feeling warm and loved.


Resident Travel Agent

Ela has traveled the world and is ready to take you with her on any adventure you can think of. Her experience as a travel agent and customer service in the hospitality industry is not matched by many. Your comfort is her main concern and she will do all she can to make sure your destination and experience is the best it possibly can be.
Sail off into the sunset...

Winter Crew

Dog Sled Gurus

Dog Mermaid's winter crew is ready to take you running across Canada!  With our own unique style of dog sledding and play, the pups will share their love of winter with you and then give you all the cuddles you could ever want!

We want to give a big thank you to our past gurus and all they shared with us. They have expanded their curiosities and careers into this big, crazy world! I miss you all terribly!!!


Kate: Followed her heart to New Zealand and is kicking it large there! Happy snow guiding beautiful!
Gordon: His personality landed him a gig as an adventure guide throughout BC. Sweet adventuring my friend!






Levi: Sharing his knowledge and great nature with the Gulf Island’s tourism division of the Chamber of Commerce. Thank you for taking care of our visitors and island marketing , sweet soul!