Hello friends and new friends!

A year has gone by and we are all doing our best to make sure you can continue to play in the wild, with our help. Please note, due to gear turnover rates being less than previous years, we may be limited on our availability each day. Please call in advance to be guaranteed a booking.

  • Gear is disinfected along with sitting in the sun for maximum sanitization.
  • We will have a directional flow at the shop so please enter and exit appropriately
  • Our signature picnic lunch will have some variations so as to offer maximum food safety to each of our guests.
  • If you have water shoes and pfd we ask you please bring with you.
  • Hats and sunglasses are now only for sale. Apologies. We also offer pfd and water shoe sales, if you prefer.
  • Kids camps will have their own set of protocols.

    For all of this to keep flowing we kindly ask these requests be followed:

  • Please call for service. At present we are only taking pre-bookings so as to allow proper timing between groups.
  • Please wear a mask upon arrival. Once set up you may choose if you want to continue wearing it while on the water.
  • You may be required to show ID and answer a covid question list.

As covid protocols change we will be updating our page. Thank you for your understanding and support. We ask that all who come to Dog Mermaid show compassion for those around them and for the chaos of this time in life. If we all practice kindness we can all enjoy the smiles each day has to offer. Now…Let us take you into the wild!

Nia:wen / Thank you / Merci

Kye and the Mer Crew