Landbased Whale Watching, Fishing & Boat Charters

At Dog Mermaid we try everything we can to keep our marine life happy. A big part of this is keeping a good distance from seals, sea lions, dolphins and whales while on the water. These majestic creatures love to play and when it comes to whales we much prefer to see them from land or sky! (and they are much happier for it too).

Landbased Whale Watching

Landbased whale watching is the least intrusive and most rewarding way to view the black fish and baleens of the Salish Sea. The whales are undisturbed, letting you see them are their best! You also have no chance of being in danger by them. Getting to close to any wild animal is an unwise thing to do. When viewing marine life this way, mammals will come up close or onto the rocks to lounge, eat, and rub their bodies on the hard surface.

Working alongside the Whale Trail, POD and a few other organizations to help bring awareness to this great avenue to admire these majestic mammals, our guides and marine experts are there to help share their knowledge of the Salish Sea and how to keep it vibrant. There are areas on our islands that you can see the Orcas so close you will be looking down their blowholes! You can hear them breathing and singing! You can see them swimming with their young! You can sit on a beach and watch seals, sea lions and porpoises fish! Nothing compares to it!

Our tours can be accessed by paddling or hiking. You let us know what area on the island you would prefer to go to and we will get you there. Along with learning about the Eco system along the way, we will supply our signature picnic lunch and a few other surprises.

Cost: $55 signature lunch included



 Fishing Charter

Let some of our local fishing guides take you on a hunt for a great lunch! These guys know the waters and the food that lives here. Please keep in mind, the fish and crabs depend on the season and cycle of that year. You will also need a fishing license before you head out on this adventure.

These can be obtained online at for fishing and for crabbing.

Cost: half day $165 / person            full day $300 / person

private charter available (bookings require a minimum of 3 people , check for totals reserved for the day)


Boat Tours

Our captains are one of a kind each in their own respective! Growing up in the Gulf Islands or long time residents, they not only knows every island to small islet around, the stories that accompany the whole adventure are fantastic. There is always a secret spot to be discovered, and our signature lunch can be enjoyed along the way.
Cost: $165 / person (2 hour tour) longer tours available

private charters available (bookings require a minimum of 4 people, check for totals reserved for the day)