Off Season Retreats

Fall / Spring learning the islands:

During the months of March to May and Sept to October, we take you out to explore our west coast. Offering progressive skills Vancouver island retreats, to Gulf Island hopping, we not only take you paddling and hiking but show you the unique sites of our coast. We like venturing into the unknown and have teamed up with guides who know their respective areas, so we can always find something adventurous to do! All retreats can be custom designed to accommodate children.


Winter wonderlands:

From November to February we are out playing all across Canada in the snow! With a little bit of sun and sand involved too. We travel from coast to coast in the winters and throw in a trip to tropics just to get a hit of vitamin D. Yoga is thrown in on occasion just to keep you on your toes (takes skill to do it in ski boots!), and sand in all the wrong places (beach yoga, watch out for the waves!).

During this time we take you into a new kind of wild…Dog Sledding! Ice climbing! Winter surfing! And so many other snowy surprises! Along with this, you will experience winter with carnivals, haunted tours, music festivals, brewery visits and geocaching races. The Dogs like to make sure there is a twist to everything we do. All retreats offer English and French instruction.

If its sun you want, we head on down Pacific to hidden gems in Mexico and Nicaragua to splash around, surf, snorkel, dive and surf kayak (so much fun!). Along with this we chill with crocodiles, hike through the jungle, and tour tequila, I mean, local offerings. All retreats offer English and Spanish instruction.

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