Used Gear

At Dog Mermaid we believe in reduce and reuse. Our gear is chosen according to the needs and wants of our guests and we try very hard to keep it as long as possible. So much fun has been had with our fleets we are very sad when we say goodbye to family members of it and hope someone who will show them as much love and care takes them home.
With this said, we also are always looking for second-hand gear. We love bringing it back to life! If you have the gear you want to pass on, let us know. We are trying to get families in need out into the wild…

SUPs (paddle boards):

Our board fleet is looking for new riders. They range in company, size, and stability. Let us know what you are looking for and we will set you up with one to your comfort. Many have been custom painted by a fabulous local artist, Crystal Desharnais, making them one of a kind floating works of art!

Level Six 10.6

These are great women’s boards as they are lightweight, easy to carry and water yoga worthy! The boards are too light for our rental fleet so were simply used for yoga last season.
Comes with paddle.


Our kayaks are from top brand Canadian companies and have been sources out according to their ease, comfort, durability, and versatility. We try to make sure our boats are good for many different ability levels and body types.


Necky Kyook

We would love it if these two sister boats went to the same home as they have been together their whole lives. They make for great his and hers, or hers and hers, or his and his boats. Suitable for beginners to intermediate paddlers. Extremely comfortable and easy ocean touring boats. They are very stable and great for paddlers of all ages, sizes, and limitations. We will be very sad to see them go, but happy if it is for people who will play with them.

Comes with paddle, and spray skirt



Current Design Crosswind Tandem

This double kayak is so stable and comfortable! Not only great for beginners and for camping, intermediate paddlers love the easy of it.

Comes with paddles

Many more boats and boards in stock, photos, and prices to come. Please contact for more information.

List of boats:

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List of boards:

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