Winter Wonderland Adventures!

Let us take you into the winter wild!

Summer is great, but what about the rest of the year?  Well, Dog Mermaid has you covered on that front.

Dog Mermaid hits the road to play across Canada!  So come along for the journey.  From dog sledding to snow shoeing, winter surfing to Festivals D’hiver, we’ll have you ready to slid into winter fun!  Come join us on the east coast of our wonderland of a country, where we have teamed up with the fabulous and talented Diane and her team of enthusiastic dogs.  We have all mastered how to play in the snow and offer great accommodations and authentic cuisine.  From two hour sled adventures to multi day winter play experiences, let us design your own cabin retreat in the woods and get you participating in northern Canadian culture.

Let us take you into the winter wild…


Pups & Paradise Tour           

Meet the pups, snow adventure on a sled and enjoy a warm beverage after, all the while taking in the glorious east coast.  10 km ride let’s you lead the tour with the assistance of one of our trained guides!

4,6 or 10 km dog sled tour

Cost: starts at $110 / person

  Sleds & Stars Tour

10 km ride under the stars!  Enjoy the serenity of our winter wonderland in evening peacefulness.

Cost: starts at $225 / person

Mushing & mmmm good food

15km run, with the options of trying your hand out at leading the team.  Paired with a fantastic lunch and stories of indigenous folk lore, this is quite a way to spend a winter day!

Cost: starts at $320 / person

  Dogs & Double Day Delights

Ever wanted to learn how to how to lead a dog sled and/or head out for on a winter experience like no other?  Then this is where you want to start!  From 18 hours to two nights out with our guides and camp at the Dog’s Camp, this excursion allows you to take the lead and find your comfort zone in winter over night play.

Cost: starts at $440 / person

Hike Up & Head Out!

Are you an adventure seeking enthusiast?  have you always wanted to learn all you can about dog sledding while enjoying the great white north?  Then let’s do it!  You can choose the 4 night adventure, or if you want some extra fun, we have a 5 night option which also includes ice fishing, snow shoeing and maybe even a lil hockey.  Doesn’t get more Canadian that, eh.

Cost: starts at $1275 / person

  Here Fishy Fishy Fishy…

If lounging and big fish tales are more your speed, then grab a line and let’s get you out onto the frozen H2O.

Cost: starts at $50 / person / hour


Additional winter activities:


Sleigh Rides                               Cost: starts at $100 / person

Snowmobiling / ATVing         Cost: starts at $125 / person


Snow Shoeing                           Cost: starts at $50 / hour

Cross Country Skiing              Cost: starts at $50 / hour

Ski Jorring                                Cost: starts at $50  / hour


Tour information:

For your adventure please bring the following:

  • a toque
  • sunglasses
  • winter boots
  • winter mitts
  • scarf
  • winter jacket
  • snow pants
  • biodegradable sunscreen
  • camera
  • laughter and smiles

Please dress in layers and dress warm!  Hot pockets are also good to keep on you if you have kids in the group.

Please show up 15 mins before your scheduled time to allow for fittings and safety lesson.

All of our excursions have minimum and maximum occupancy requirements so please check at time of booking.  We have a dog sitting service available, for better accommodating during our tours. This service is also available daily. Our tours come with all necessary and safety gear, safety lesson and skills lesson.  Children must be five years of age to participate in certain tours. Please note, prices may vary.

Cancelation and damage policy:

Dog Mermaid understands life changes due to illness, accident, weather, and people simply changing their minds.

We ask if you need to cancel please do so well in advance so as other guests may enjoy the equipment.

Cancelations are as follows:

Groups smaller than six people

  • 48 hours notice for full refund
  • 24 hours for 50% refund
  • no refund after 24 hours

Groups larger than six people

  • 7 days notice for full refund
  • 72 hours for 50% refund
  • no refund after 72 hours

No refund for early returns.

If weather patterns change a credit will be given for future rentals.

Tour guests are responsible for damage to gear and equipment and will be charged accordingly.